R-25.02 - Act respecting the Réseau électrique métropolitain

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78. For the purposes of the REM project, the Government may, despite the Act respecting the preservation of agricultural land and agricultural activities (chapter P-41.1), authorize, on the conditions it determines, the use for purposes other than agriculture, or the subdivision or alienation, of lot 2 702 207 or a part of it and of additional surface areas of lots 2 702 212 and 3 349 833, identified in (O.C. 456-2017, 2017-05-03), all of the cadastre of Québec, registration division of La Prairie, which are situated in Ville de Brossard, or of the parts of those lots described in the Order in Council.
That Order in Council is deemed, from the day on which it was made, to have been made under this section.
The Government may revoke all or part of an authorization given under this section.
The authorization or revocation must be notified to the Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec.
2017, c. 17, s. 78.