Laws - Amendments

The table of amendments to statutes provides readers with the amendments made to each statute, their date of coming into force and the reference to the Gazette officielle when the provision came into force under an order in council, for a specific period of time and for statutes integrated into the Compilation of Québec Laws and Regulations.

Starting with the 2016‑01‑02 et 2016‑11‑01 version, the table is now updated by the Service de l’Édition officielle of Les Publications du Québec. In addition, the table now includes the amendments assented to whose date of coming into force is unknown or subsequent to the updated date of the corpus.

The table of amendments to statutes should not be confused with the Table of provisions brought into force, which provides readers with the dates of coming into force of every section in the Statutes of Québec assented to since 1 January 1978.

Table of amendments that came into force between:

   2019-01-02 and 2019-05-30

   2018-01-02 and 2019-01-01

   2017-01-02 and 2018-01-01

   2016-01-02 and 2017-01-01

   2015-01-02 and 2016-01-01

   2014-01-02 and 2015-01-01

   2013-01-02 and 2013-12-31

   2012-01-02 and 2012-12-31

   2011-01-02 and 2012-01-01

   2010-01-02 and 2011-01-01

   2009-08-02 and 2010-01-01

   2008-08-02 and 2009-08-01

   2007-01-02 and 2008-08-01

   2006-03-02 and 2007-01-01

   2005-03-02 and 2006-03-01

   2004-03-02 and 2005-03-01

   2003-04-02 and 2004-03-09