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Consolidated Statutes updated to 1 February 2022.

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Consolidated Statutes updated to 1 February 2022


  • updated to 9 December 2021 :
    Taxation Act (I‑3)
  • updated to 10 February 2022 :
    The Education Act for Cree, Inuit and Naskapi Native Persons (I‑14)
  • updated to 9 March 2022 :
    Act respecting school elections to elect certain members of the boards of directors of English-language school service centres (E‑2.3)
  • updated to 1 April 2022 :
    Code of Civil Procedure (C‑25.01)
  • updated to 6 April 2022 :
    Act to combat maltreatment of seniors and other persons of full age in vulnerable situations (L‑6.3)

Consolidated Regulations updated to 1 December 2021

  • updated to 9 December 2021 :
    Regulation respecting the information that must be provided by a local municipality pursuant to section 8 of the Act to promote the protection of persons by establishing a framework with regard to dogs (P‑38.002, r. 2)
  • updated to 31 December 2021 :
    Regulation respecting the Taxation Act (I‑3, r. 1)
  • updated to 1 January 2022 :
    Regulation respecting fiscal administration (A‑6.002, r. 1)
    Regulation respecting the fees for users of the advance rulings and written opinions service of the Direction générale de la législation of the Agence du revenu du Québec (A‑6.002, r. 4.1)
    Regulation under the Act respecting insurance (A‑32.1, r. 1)
    By-law respecting transportation dues regarding the Réseau express métropolitain (A‑33.3, r. 2)
    Construction Code (B‑1.1, r. 2)
    Safety Code (B‑1.1, r. 3)
    Regulation respecting pressure installations (B‑1.1, r. 6.1)
    Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings (B‑1.1, r. 8)
    Regulation respecting the professional qualification of contractors and owner-builders (B‑1.1, r. 9)
    Regulation respecting the application of the Unclaimed Property Act (B‑5.1, r. 1)
    Regulation respecting fees exigible under the Highway Safety Code and the return of confiscated objects (C‑24.2, r. 27)
    Regulation respecting fees related to special permits (C‑24.2, r. 27.01)
    Regulation respecting road vehicle registration (C‑24.2, r. 29)
    Regulation respecting licences (C‑24.2, r. 34)
    Regulation respecting special permits (C‑24.2, r. 35)
    Regulation respecting the Basic Parental Contribution Determination Table (C‑25.01, r. 12)
    Tariff of judicial fees applicable to the recovery of small claims (C‑25.01, r. 13)
    Regulation respecting certain court costs in penal matters applicable to persons under 18 years of age (C‑25.1, r. 3)
    Tariff of court costs in penal matters (C‑25.1, r. 6)
    Fee related to an application for authorization filed by an enterprise with the Autorité des marchés publics for public contracts and subcontracts (C‑65.1, r. 7.2)
    Tariff in criminal matters (CCR, r. 2)
    Tariff of duties and fees related to applications heard by the Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal (E‑6.1, r. 2)
    Regulation respecting the rates for using the public fast-charging service for electric vehicles (H‑5, r. 1)
    Regulation respecting the Tariff of administrative fees, professional fees and other charges attached to proceedings before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec (J‑3, r. 3.2)
    Regulation respecting the application of the Deposit Institutions and Deposit Protection Act (I‑13.2.2, r. 1)
    Regulation respecting personnel placement agencies and recruitment agencies for temporary foreign workers (N‑1.1, r. 0.1)
    Tariff of charges and indemnities payable under the Act respecting the determination of the causes and circumstances of death (R‑0.2, r. 4)
    Tariff of costs for the transportation, keeping and preservation of dead bodies (R‑0.2, r. 7)
    Regulation respecting contributions to the Québec Pension Plan (R‑9, r. 2)
    Regulation under the Private Security Act (S‑3.5, r. 1)
    Tariff of fees for the recording and transcription of depositions of witnesses (S‑33, r. 1)
    Tariff of judicial fees in civil matters (T‑16, r. 10)
    Securities Regulation (V‑1.1, r. 50)
  • updated to 6 January 2022 :
    Regulation 13-101 respecting the System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR) (V‑1.1, r. 2)
    Regulation 31-103 respecting Registration Requirements, Exemptions and Ongoing Registrant Obligations (V‑1.1, r. 10)
    Regulation 41‑101 respecting General Prospectus Requirements (V‑1.1, r. 14)
    Regulation 45‑106 respecting Prospectus Exemptions (V‑1.1, r. 21)
    Regulation 81‑101 respecting Mutual Fund Prospectus Disclosure (V‑1.1, r. 38)
    Regulation 81‑102 respecting Investment Funds (V‑1.1, r. 39)
    Regulation 81‑106 respecting Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure (V‑1.1, r. 42)
    Regulation 81‑107 respecting Independent Review Committee for Investment Funds (V‑1.1, r. 43)
  • updated to 24 March 2022 :
    Regulation respecting the tariff of remuneration payable for municipal elections and referendums (E‑2.2, r. 2)
    Regulation respecting voting by mail (E‑2.2, r. 3)
    Pilot project to establish a court specialized in sexual violence and domestic violence (T‑15.2, r. 1)
  • updated to 1 April 2022 :
    Tariff for insured devices which compensate for a motor deficiency and related services (A‑29, r. 9)
  • updated to 13 April 2022 :
    Regulation respecting the List of medications covered by the basic prescription drug insurance plan (A‑29.01, r. 3)

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