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V-1 Securities Act Replaced
V-1.1 Securities Act
V-1.1, r. 1 Regulation 11-102 respecting Passport System  
V-1.1, r. 2 Regulation 13-101 respecting the System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR) Revoked  
V-1.1, r. 2.1 Regulation 13-102 respecting system fees for SEDAR and NRD Revoked  
V-1.1, r. 2.2 Regulation 13-102 respecting System Fees  
V-1.1, r. 2.3 Regulation 13-103 respecting System for Electronic Data Analysis and Retrieval + (SEDAR+)  
V-1.1, r. 3 Regulation 14-101 respecting Definitions  
V-1.1, r. 4 Regulation 14-501Q respecting Definitions  
V-1.1, r. 5 Regulation 21-101 respecting Marketplace Operation  
V-1.1, r. 6 Regulation 23-101 respecting Trading Rules  
V-1.1, r. 7 Regulation 23-102 respecting Use of Client Brokerage  
V-1.1, r. 7.1 Regulation 23-103 respecting Electronic Trading and Direct Electronic Access to Marketplaces  
V-1.1, r. 8 Regulation 24-101 respecting Institutional Trade Matching and Settlement  
V-1.1, r. 8.01 Regulation 24-102 respecting clearing agency requirements  
V-1.1, r. 8.1 Regulation 25-101 respecting designated rating organizations  
V-1.1, r. 8.2 Regulation 25-102 respecting designated benchmarks and benchmark administrators  
V-1.1, r. 9 Regulation 31-102 respecting National Registration Database  
V-1.1, r. 10 Regulation 31-103 respecting Registration Requirements, Exemptions and Ongoing Registrant Obligations  
V-1.1, r. 10.1 Regulation 32-102 respecting Registration Exemptions for Non-Resident Investment Fund Managers  
V-1.1, r. 11 Regulation 33-105 respecting Underwriting Conflicts  
V-1.1, r. 12 Regulation 33-109 respecting registration information  
V-1.1, r. 13 National Instrument 35-101: Conditional Exemption from registration for United States broker-dealers and agents  
V-1.1, r. 14 Regulation 41-101 respecting General Prospectus Requirements  
V-1.1, r. 15 Regulation 43-101 respecting Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects  
V-1.1, r. 16 Regulation 44-101 respecting Short Form Prospectus Distributions  
V-1.1, r. 17 Regulation 44-102 respecting Shelf Distributions  
V-1.1, r. 18 Regulation 44-103 respecting Post-Receipt Pricing  
V-1.1, r. 19 Regulation 45-101 respecting Rights Offerings  
V-1.1, r. 20 Regulation 45-102 respecting Resale of Securities  
V-1.1, r. 21 Regulation 45-106 respecting Prospectus Exemptions  
V-1.1, r. 21.01 Regulation 45-107 respecting listing representation and statutory rights of action disclosure exemptions  
V-1.1, r. 21.02 Regulation 45-108 respecting Crowfunding  
V-1.1, r. 21.03 Regulation 45-110 respecting start-up crowdfunding registration and prospectus exemptions  
V-1.1, r. 21.1 Regulation 45-513 respecting prospectus exemption for distribution to existing security holders  
V-1.1, r. 22 National Policy 46-201: Escrow for Initial Public Offerings  
V-1.1, r. 23 Regulation 51-101 respecting Standards of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities  
V-1.1, r. 24 Regulation 51-102 respecting Continuous Disclosure Obligations  
V-1.1, r. 24.1 Regulation 51-105 respecting issuers quoted in the u.s. over-the-counter markets  
V-1.1, r. 25 Regulation 52-107 respecting Acceptable Accounting Principles and Auditing standards  
V-1.1, r. 26 Regulation 52-108 respecting Auditor Oversight  
V-1.1, r. 26.1 Regulation 52-108 respecting Auditor Oversight  
V-1.1, r. 27 Regulation 52-109 respecting Certification of Disclosure in Issuers’ Annual and Interim Filings  
V-1.1, r. 28 Regulation 52-110 respecting Audit Committees  
V-1.1, r. 28.1 Regulation 52-112 respecting non-GAAP and other financial measures disclosure  
V-1.1, r. 29 Regulation 54-101 respecting Communication with Beneficial Owners of Securities of a Reporting Issuer  
V-1.1, r. 30 National Instrument 55-102: System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders (SEDI)  
V-1.1, r. 31 Regulation 55-104 respecting Insider Reporting Requirements and Exemptions  
V-1.1, r. 32 Regulation 58-101 respecting Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices  
V-1.1, r. 33 Regulation 61-101 respecting Protection of Minority Security Holders in Special Transactions  
V-1.1, r. 34 Regulation 62-103 respecting the Early Warning System and Related Take-Over Bid and Insider Reporting Issues  
V-1.1, r. 35 Regulation 62-104 respecting Take-Over Bids and Issuer Bids  
V-1.1, r. 36 National Instrument 71-101: the Multijurisdictional Disclosure System  
V-1.1, r. 37 Regulation 71-102 respecting Continuous Disclosure and Other Exemptions relating to Foreign Issuers  
V-1.1, r. 38 Regulation 81-101 respecting Mutual Fund Prospectus Disclosure  
V-1.1, r. 39 Regulation 81-102 respecting Investment Funds  
V-1.1, r. 40 Regulation 81-104 respecting Alternative Mutual Funds  
V-1.1, r. 41 Regulation 81-105 respecting Mutual Fund Sales Practices  
V-1.1, r. 42 Regulation 81-106 respecting Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure  
V-1.1, r. 43 Regulation 81-107 respecting Independent Review Committee for Investment Funds  
V-1.1, r. 44 Regulation No. 15 respecting Conditions Precedent to Acceptance of Scholarship or Educational Plan Prospectuses  
V-1.1, r. 45 Regulation No. 29 respecting Mutual Funds Investing in Mortgages  
V-1.1, r. 45.1 Regulation respecting Real Estate Prospectus and Registration Exemptions  
V-1.1, r. 46 Regulation respecting Development Capital Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure  
V-1.1, r. 46.1 Regulation respecting the distribution of syndicated mortgages  
V-1.1, r. 47 Policy Statement Q-7: Securities Rating Agencies  
V-1.1, r. 48 Regulation Q-17 respecting Restricted Shares  
V-1.1, r. 49 Policy Statement Q-22: Disclosure document for commodity futures contracts, for options traded on a recognized market and for exchange-traded commodity futures options  
V-1.1, r. 50 Securities Regulation  
V-1.2 Act respecting off-highway vehicles Replaced
V-1.2, r. 0.1 Regulation authorizing the operation of certain off-highway vehicles  
V-1.2, r. 1 Regulation respecting snowmobiles  
V-1.2, r. 2 Ministerial Order concerning the pilot project concerning add-on seats for single-seat snowmobiles Revoked  
V-1.2, r. 3 Ministerial Order concerning the Pilot project concerning track systems for 4-wheel all-terrain vehicles Revoked  
V-1.2, r. 4 Ministerial Order concerning the Pilot project concerning side-by-side vehicles Revoked  
V-1.2, r. 4.1 Regulation respecting off-highway vehicle trail signs  
V-1.2, r. 5 Regulation respecting off-highway vehicles  
V-1.2, r. 6 Regulation respecting all-terrain vehicles  
V-1.3 Act respecting off-highway vehicles
C-24.2, r. 6 Protective Helmets Regulation  
C-24.2, r. 24.1 Regulation respecting exceptions to the prohibitions related to drug consumption  
V-1.3, r. 0.1 Regulation to authorize the operation of certain off-highway vehicles on roads under the management of the Minister of Transport  
V-1.3, r. 0.2 Regulation respecting the training of persons 16 or 17 years of age  
V-1.3, r. 1 Regulation respecting the recognition of training for off-highway vehicle excursion guides  
V-2 Railway Ticket Sales Act Repealed
V-3 Act respecting the sale of unclaimed goods Repealed
V-4 Act respecting sales of municipal public utilities Repealed
V-5 Unwrought Metal Sales Act Repealed
V-5.001 Act respecting the sale and distribution of beer and soft drinks in non-returnable containers
V-5.001, r. 1 Beer and Soft Drinks Distributors’ Permits Regulation  
V-5.01 Auditor General Act
V-5.1 The Cree Villages and the Naskapi Village Act
V-6 Mining Villages Act Repealed
V-6.1 Act respecting Northern villages and the Kativik Regional Government
V-6.1, r. 1 Ministerial Order fixing the minimum amount of the tenant’s tax of a Northern village  
V-6.1, r. 2 Règlement sur le taux maximal d’intérêt annuel des taxes  
V-7 Mining Towns Act Repealed
V-8 Roads Act Replaced
V-9 Act respecting roads
V-9, r. 1 Regulation respecting old car dumps and dumps along roadsides  
V-9, r. 2 Regulation respecting the location of old car dumps, and the installations of posters, signboards and luminous signs along autoroutes