V-1.2 - Act respecting off-highway vehicles

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47.1. The Minister may authorize the carrying out of pilot projects aimed at testing the use of a vehicle or of equipment related to its functioning or safety, or at improving or elaborating traffic rules or standards for equipment or safety. During a pilot project, the Minister may make any rule concerning the use of a vehicle and authorize any person or body to use a vehicle according to standards and rules the Minister makes that differ from those provided for by this Act and its regulations.
Such pilot projects are established for a maximum of three years, a period which the Minister may, if the Minister judges it necessary, extend for a maximum of two years. The Minister may modify or terminate a pilot project at any time. The Minister may also determine, among the provisions of an order made under this section, those whose violation constitutes an offence, and fix the minimum and maximum fines to which the offender is subject. This amount may not be less than $50 or more than $1,000.
A decision of the Minister made under this section must be in the form of an order. Such an order is not subject to the publication requirement set out in section 8 of the Regulations Act (chapter R-18.1).
2009, c. 18, s. 14.