V-1.2 - Act respecting off-highway vehicles

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45.2. If the procedure does not result in an agreement, the complainant may, from the 30th day following the filing of the complaint, request the person designated to administer the procedure to appoint a mediator to attempt to settle the dispute.
A mediator is chosen, not later than the 15th day following receipt of the request, from among the mediators on a list drawn up beforehand by the Minister. The mediator’s fees are paid in whole or in part by the Ministère des Transports.
In a directive posted on the department’s Internet site, the Minister sets out
(1)  the conditions a mediator must meet to be on the list mentioned in the second paragraph;
(2)  the rules and responsibilities a mediator must abide by in the exercise of the functions of office;
(3)  the fees payable to a mediator by the department and, if applicable, by the parties; and
(4)  the number of meetings, which may not be less than four, for which the mediator’s fees are to be paid by the department.
2010, c. 33, s. 9.