V-1.2 - Act respecting off-highway vehicles

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2.0.1. Despite subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph of section 2, a recreational off-highway vehicle must be equipped with two white headlights at the same height, one on each side of the vertical centreline and as far apart as practicable.
A recreational off-highway vehicle must also have the following equipment:
(1)  a protective structure to prevent injuries in case of a roll-over, made up of at least two roll bars linked together by at least two struts;
(2)  doors or cargo nets for each access to the cab;
(3)  an assist handle for each passenger;
(4)  a seat belt with three or more anchor points for each occupant of the vehicle;
(5)  a headrest for each occupant of the vehicle;
(6)  an engine with a piston displacement not exceeding 1,000 cm3;
(7)  all-terrain tires that conform to the standards set by government regulation; and
(8)  a rear-view mirror inside the vehicle attached at the centre of the front upper part of the protective structure.
Subparagraph 8 of the second paragraph does not apply to a single-seat recreational off-highway vehicle.
2014, c. 12, s. 4.