S-32.0001 - Act respecting end-of-life care

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29.8. The advance request must be made by notarial act en minute or in the presence of witnesses by means of the form referred to in section 29.2.
If the request is made by notarial act en minute, the duly completed form must be annexed to the notarial act.
If the advance request is made in the presence of witnesses, the patient declares, in the presence of two witnesses, that the form contains the patient’s advance request, without having to disclose the contents.
The witnesses date and countersign the form.
No such witness may be a minor or a person of full age incapable of giving consent. Nor may they be designated as a trusted third person in the request or act as a competent professional for the purpose of administering medical aid in dying to the patient.
2023, c. 15, s. 20.