S-32.0001 - Act respecting end-of-life care

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29.3. A patient making an advance request must be assisted by a competent professional.
With the assistance of the professional, the patient must describe in detail in the request the clinical manifestations related to their illness that, when the patient has become incapable of giving consent to care and a competent professional finds that they are exhibiting those manifestations, must be considered to be the expression of their consent to medical aid in dying being administered to them once all the criteria set out in this Act have been met.
The professional must ensure that the clinical manifestations described in the request meet the following criteria:
(1)  be medically recognized as being clinical manifestations that can be related to the illness from which the patient suffers; and
(2)  be observable by a competent professional who would have to observe those manifestations before administering medical aid in dying.
2023, c. 15, s. 20.