S-32.0001 - Act respecting end-of-life care

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29.11. A patient who is capable of giving consent to care may, at any time, withdraw their advance request by means of the form prescribed by the Minister. The second and third paragraphs of section 29.2 apply, with the necessary modifications, to the withdrawal form for such a request.
A patient who wishes to withdraw their request must be assisted by a competent professional. After the form has been signed, the competent professional dates and countersigns the form to attest that the patient is capable of giving consent to care. The professional must make sure that the request is removed, as soon as possible, from the register referred to in section 29.10.
A patient may modify an advance request only by making a new advance request by one of the methods specified in section 29.8. The new advance request replaces the previous one as soon as it is recorded in the register in accordance with section 29.10.
2023, c. 15, s. 20.