S-2.3 - Civil Protection Act

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8. Every person whose activities or property generate a major disaster risk is required to report the risk to the local municipality where the source of the risk is located. In unorganized territory as well as in the case where reports must be made in more than one locality, the person may report the risk either to each competent regional authority or to the Minister of Public Security.
The report must describe the risk-generating activity or property and specify the nature and location of the source of the risk, the foreseeable consequences of a major disaster and the area that could be affected. The report must also set out the measures implemented by and the other means at the disposal of the risk reporter to reduce the probability or mitigate the consequences of a major disaster.
A regulation of the Government shall define the activities and property that generate a major disaster risk within the meaning of this Act. The regulation shall fix the time within which the report must be made, which shall not be less than three months, and may provide for the possibility of additional time, not exceeding half the initial time, being granted, for valid reason, by the authority to which the report is made. The regulation shall determine how the information required is to be provided.
2001, c. 76, s. 8.