S-2.3 - Civil Protection Act

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53. Every local municipality is responsible for the carrying out, in its territory, of the provisions of Chapter III concerning persons whose activities or property generate a major disaster risk.
For that purpose, the inspectors of the municipality or of any authority to which the municipality delegates such responsibility may
(1)  enter and inspect, at any reasonable time, any premises where they have reasonable cause to believe that an activity or property generating a reportable risk is carried on or is located ;
(2)  take photographs of the activity or property ;
(3)  require any person who is on the premises to provide reasonable assistance ; and
(4)  require any information, explanation or document relevant to the carrying out of Chapter III.
Inspectors must, on request, produce identification and a certificate of capacity.
The municipality, the delegate authority or their inspectors may not be prosecuted by reason of any act in good faith done in the exercise of such functions.
2001, c. 76, s. 53.