S-2.3 - Civil Protection Act

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18. The civil protection plan shall include a summary description of the physical, natural, human, social and economic features of the territory. The civil protection plan shall identify the nature of the major disaster risks to which the territory is exposed, including the risks reported pursuant to section 8, specifying for each risk the location of its source, the foreseeable consequences of a major disaster related to the risk and the area that could be affected. The plan shall also mention existing safety measures and the human, physical and informational resources at the disposal of local or regional authorities and civil protection authorities.
Based on that information, the civil protection plan shall assess the degree of vulnerability of local municipalities to each risk or class of risks identified.
In order to reduce vulnerability, the civil protection plan shall then determine, for the risks or classes of risks it specifies or all or part of the territory, achievable safety objectives in view of planned measures and available resources.
In addition, the civil protection plan shall specify the actions and the criteria for their implementation adopted by the local municipalities and, where applicable, the regional authority, to achieve the determined objectives.
Lastly, the civil protection plan shall include a procedure for the periodic assessment of the actions taken pursuant to the plan and the degree to which the determined objectives have been achieved.
2001, c. 76, s. 18.