S-2.3 - Civil Protection Act

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127. The authority whose agent or servant a person is deemed to be pursuant to section 125 is bound to assume the representation or defence of the person at a coroner’s inquiry or a fire investigation commissioner’s inquiry concerning the event during which the person intervened, or in proceedings before a court or body exercising adjudicative functions concerning an act done by the person in the performance of the tasks entrusted to the person.
The authority may, instead of fulfilling such obligation, make an agreement with the person for reimbursement of any reasonable costs incurred by the person or the person’s representative.
The authority is relieved from such obligation if
(1)  the person specifically consents thereto in writing;
(2)  the authority is itself the plaintiff in the proceedings;
(3)  the act constitutes a gross or intentional fault; or
(4)  the person is convicted of an offence or an indictable offence, and had no reasonable grounds to believe that his or her conduct was in compliance with the law.
2001, c. 76, s. 127.