S-2.3 - Civil Protection Act

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123. In addition to its other regulatory powers under this Act, the Government may, to the extent that in so doing it does not encroach upon the jurisdiction of other regulatory authorities of the Administration, make regulations
(1)  prescribing standards for the monitoring of activities, property or natural phenomena that generate major or minor disaster risks;
(2)  prescribing safety standards designed to eliminate or reduce major and minor disaster risks, or to mitigate the impact of a major or minor disaster;
(3)  prescribing standards applicable to civil protection equipment, the use thereof and the identification of rescue workers and equipment;
(4)  making the standards developed by another government or a standards organization mandatory and specifying that, in such a case, references to the texts setting out the standards include any subsequent changes to those texts;
(5)  making specified uses of an immovable and types of work subject to the production of a study showing that the projected use or work does not constitute a substantial major or minor disaster risk or does not reduce existing safety conditions, and prescribing rules for such studies, including rules pertaining to content and to the qualifications of the person who is to conduct the study; and
(6)  determining the manner in which and the time within which the standards prescribed under this paragraph may be made applicable to existing activities or property.
The Government may also
(1)  establish methods and criteria applicable to the determination of the vulnerability of a community to major disaster risks in its environment;
(2)  determine the honours and citations that may be awarded, the cases in which they may be awarded, the awarding procedure and the classes of persons or organizations eligible for such honours and citations; and
(3)  determine the provisions of a regulation made under the first paragraph whose violation constitutes an offence, and indicate, for each offence, the fines to which an offender is liable, which may not exceed $10,000.
2001, c. 76, s. 123.