S-16.011 - Act respecting the Société du Plan Nord

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5. Within the scope of its mission, the Company may
(1)  coordinate, and contribute financially or otherwise to, the implementation of the policy directions referred to in section 4;
(2)  coordinate infrastructure projects and, if applicable, engage in infrastructure development and operation, alone or in partnership, including as a rail carrier;
(3)  assist and support local and Native communities in their community and socio-economic development projects, among others;
(4)  carry out or contribute to research and development activities as well as activities to acquire knowledge of the area;
(5)  contribute to setting up mechanisms to allow 50% of the area covered by the Northern Plan to be used, by 2035, for purposes other than industrial purposes, for the protection of the environment and for the preservation of biodiversity;
(6)  contribute to maximizing the economic spinoffs generated by the development of the natural resources in the area covered by the Northern Plan, in accordance with Québec’s intergovernmental and international trade commitments;
(7)  advise the Government on any matter the latter submits to it; and
(8)  carry out any other mandate given to it by the Government.
2014, c. 16, s. 5.