P-9.3 - Pesticides Act

Full text
9. In the exercise of his duties and for the administration of this Act, the Minister may
(1)  coordinate research carried out by government departments and agencies on environmental problems related to the use of pesticides;
(2)  carry out or commission research, studies, inquiries or analyses pertaining to the effects of the use of pesticides on the quality of the environment and on human health and, generally, on any topic relating to pesticides and alternatives to their use;
(3)  devise, foster and ensure the implementation of plans and programs to train specialists, educate and inform the public and promote awareness in the field of pesticides;
(4)  compile, analyze and publish available statistical data relating to pesticides;
(5)  make, according to law, any agreement with any government, government agency or other person to facilitate the carrying out of this Act.
1987, c. 29, s. 9.