P-9.0001 - Act respecting the sharing of certain health information

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15. When the Minister entrusts the operations management of a health information bank in a clinical domain to an operations manager, the Minister enters into a written agreement with that manager.
The agreement sets out, among other things, the operations manager’s obligation
(1)  to establish security measures to ensure the protection of health information throughout its life cycle as well as its availability in accordance with the specific information management rules defined by the health and social services network information officer;
(2)  to log any release of health information and to monitor the logs for any unauthorized release;
(3)  to communicate to the Minister an annual report assessing conformity with the organizational, procedural and technical rules in order, among other things, to enable the Minister to validate the security measures established and assess the efficiency, performance and benefits resulting from the establishment of the clinical domains and the use of the Québec Health Record; and
(4)  to notify the Minister without delay of any violation or attempted violation of an obligation concerning the confidentiality of the information released.
The Minister may demand from an operations manager any information or document considered necessary to ensure compliance with the obligations set out in the agreement, provided that the information cannot be associated with a person who has received health services or social services.
2012, c. 23, s. 15.