P-31.1 - Act respecting the Health and Social Services Ombudsman

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85. The employees of a regional health and social services board within the meaning of the Act respecting health services and social services (chapter S-4.2) who are in office on 1 November 2001 and are assigned duties relating to the complaint handling process or the promotion of users’ rights, shall become members of the personnel of the Health Services Ombudsman insofar as they are covered by a decision of the Conseil du trésor made before 1 January 2003, in conformity with the conditions and procedure determined in the decision. Employees so transferred are deemed to have been appointed in accordance with the Public Service Act (chapter F-3.1.1).
The Conseil du trésor may determine the classification, remuneration and any other condition of employment applicable to the employees referred to in the first paragraph.
2001, c. 43, s. 85.