P-29 - Food Products Act

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56.1.1. The Minister may, by order, authorize the implementation of pilot projects aimed at enabling innovation with respect to food or concerning the disposal of inedible meats, or aimed at studying, improving or defining standards applicable to those matters. The Minister shall determine the standards and obligations applicable to a pilot project, which may differ from those prescribed by this Act and the regulations. The Minister shall take local and regional development, among other things, into consideration in developing a pilot project. The Minister may, as part of a pilot project, authorize any person to carry on an activity governed by this Act in compliance with the standards and rules prescribed by the Minister.
A pilot project is conducted for a period of up to four years, which the Minister may, if he considers it necessary, extend by up to one year. The Minister may modify or terminate a pilot project at any time. The Minister may also determine the provisions of a pilot project whose violation is an offence and determine the amount for which the offender is liable, which may not be less than $250 or more than $5,000.
The publication requirement set out in section 8 of the Regulations Act (chapter R-18.1) does not apply to an order made under this section.
The results of a pilot project must be published on the department’s website not later than one year after the end of the project.
2021, c. 29, s. 46.