P-29 - Food Products Act

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40.2. (Repealed).
1985, c. 28, s. 2; 2000, c. 26, s. 41.
40.2. The Minister, by order published in the Gazette officielle du Québec, may
(1)  establish a seal of quality for marine products or fresh water products, which may be placed on the products, labels or wrapping of any operator of a factory or packing-house contemplated in subparagraph e or f of the first paragraph of section 9 who, upon application to the Minister, obtains authorization to use the seal;
(2)  prescribe, the conditions and mode of application by the operator and authorization by the Minister, and of use or withdrawal of the seal, including the standards of superior quality which products are required to meet in order to bear the seal;
(3)  prohibit the manufacture, copying, keeping or use of the seal he has established as well as the manufacture, copying, keeping or use of any other seal of quality for the products contemplated in paragraph 1, except in the cases he determines;
(4)  impose, as a condition of the permit issued to the operator of a factory or a packing-house, compliance with the measures taken under this section, and prescribe that this be indicated on the permit.
1985, c. 28, s. 2.