P-29 - Food Products Act

Full text An authorized person may, for a maximum period of 10 days, order the operator of a slaughterhouse to cease slaughtering the animals, or impose the conditions the authorized person determines with regard to the treatment or slaughter of the animals or to the operations, if the authorized person has reasonable grounds to believe that
(1)  the operations are not being performed in compliance with the standards determined under paragraph a.2 of section 40 or with the provisions of the Animal Welfare and Safety Act (chapter B-3.1) or a regulation made under that Act; or
(2)  the condition, layout or design of the facilities or the performance of the operations are likely to affect the wholesomeness of the products or the cleanliness of the premises.
The order shall state the grounds for the authorized person’s decision.
The order takes effect when a written statement of the order is given to the operator or a responsible person upon notification to either of those persons.
2021, c. 29, s. 22.