N-1.1 - Act respecting labour standards

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92.7. The Government may, by regulation,
(1)  define, for the purposes of this Act, what constitutes a personnel placement agency, a recruitment agency for temporary foreign workers, a client enterprise and a temporary foreign worker;
(2)  establish categories of licences and determine, for each category, the activities that may be carried on by an agency;
(3)  determine the period of validity of a licence and specify any condition, restriction or prohibition relating to its issue, maintenance and renewal;
(4)  prescribe the administrative measures that apply to a licence holder if the obligations under this Act or the regulations are not complied with;
(5)  determine the obligations of a personnel placement agency or a recruitment agency for temporary foreign workers and those of a client enterprise that retains the services of such an agency; and
(6)  prescribe any other measure to protect the rights of employees to whom this division applies.
2018, c. 21, s. 37.