N-1.01 - Act respecting energy efficiency and energy conservation standards for certain products

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19. (Repealed).
2011, c. 16, Sch. II, s. 19; 2016, c. 35, s. 1.
19. The Minister determines the amount that each energy distributor must pay under the regulation referred to in section 17 and notifies the distributor of it.
The Minister may make an agreement with the Régie de l’énergie to entrust that body with such tasks as
(1)  the examination of the annual volume statements filed by energy distributors; and
(2)  the calculation of the annual contribution payable by each energy distributor.
The Minister collects the annual contributions and pays them, along with any interest and penalties, into the Natural Resources Fund established under section 17.12.12 of the Act respecting the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune (chapter M-25.2). These sums are used for the purposes referred to in subparagraph 3 of the first paragraph of that section.
2011, c. 16, Sch. II, s. 19.