M-17.2 - Act respecting the Ministère de la Famille, des Aînés et de la Condition féminine

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174. The first regulation concerning childcare centres made under the new provisions of paragraphs 1 to 10.2, 12.1 to 15, 16.1 and 24 of section 73 of the Act, and the first regulation made under the new provisions of paragraphs 20 to 22.1 of that section, are not subject to the publication requirements of section 11 of the Regulations Act (chapter R-18.1), provided they are made before 1 September 1997.
The same applies in the case of the first regulation amending the Regulation respecting exemption and financial assistance for a child in day care, the Regulation respecting day care centres, the Regulation respecting home day care agencies and home day care or, for the purposes of the new section 48.5 of the Act respecting income security (chapter S-3.1.1), the Regulation respecting income security enacted by Order in Council 922-89 (1989, G.O. 2, 2443), as amended.
Such regulations shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Gazette officielle du Québec or on any later date fixed therein, notwithstanding section 17 of the Regulations Act.
1997, c. 58, s. 174.