L-6 - Act respecting lotteries and amusement machines

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50.1. The board, in the performance of its functions and the exercise of its powers as regards public tranquility, may, among other factors, take into account:
(1)  any noise, gathering or assembly that results or may result from an activity for which a licence is required and that may disturb the peace in the neighbourhood;
(2)  the place where the licence is used and, in particular, whether the sector concerned is a residential, commercial, industrial or tourist sector;
(3)  the measures taken by the applicant or licence holder for, and their efficiency in, preventing, on the premises where the licence is used,
(a)  the possession, consumption, sale, exchange or gift, in whatever manner, of a drug, narcotic or any other substance that may be held to be a drug or narcotic;
(b)  the possession of a firearm or any other offensive weapon;
(c)  gestures or actions of a sexual nature that may disturb the peace and related solicitation;
(d)  usurious loans or pawnbroking, or acts of violence, including theft or mischief, that may disturb the peace of the customers or the residents of the neighbourhood;
(e)  games of chance or any betting or wagering not authorized by the licence that may disturb the peace;
(f)  any contravention of an Act or a regulation concerning safety, hygiene or sanitation in a public place or public building.
1993, c. 71, s. 34.