L-6 - Act respecting lotteries and amusement machines

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38. (Repealed).
1978, c. 36, s. 38; 1990, c. 46, s. 34.
38. Where the board receives an application for a race track licence, it shall cause to be published, in a Québec City newspaper, in a Montréal newspaper and in a newspaper of the place where the track is situated or, if it has no newspaper, in a newspaper of the nearest place that has one, a notice of the application, identifying the applicant, stating the nature of his application and indicating the site of the race track.
The publication of such a notice is not required where the race track concerned in the licence application mentioned in the first paragraph is, at the time of such application, operated under a valid race track licence issued by the board, and where such application does not include any plan to modify the installations of such race track that would likely give rise to objections.
1978, c. 36, s. 38.