L-6.3 - Act to combat maltreatment of seniors and other persons of full age in vulnerable situations

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20. Where a designated resource person considers that initiating a concerted intervention process would facilitate putting an end to a case of maltreatment, the designated resource person must provide the senior or the person in a vulnerable situation with information related to the scope of the actions that could be undertaken, the support the senior or the person could receive and the possible outcomes. The designated resource person may also, if he or she considers it advisable, provide the senior or the person with information on the health services or social services the maltreating person could receive.
2017, c. 10, s. 20; 2022, c. 6, s. 11.
20. The Minister responsible for Seniors reports annually on the application of this chapter in a report the Minister tables in the National Assembly within four months of the end of the fiscal year or, if the Assembly is not sitting, within 15 days of resumption. The report is also published on the website of the Minister’s department.
2017, c. 10, s. 20.