J-3 - Act respecting administrative justice

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4. The Administration shall take appropriate measures to ensure
(1)  that procedures are conducted in accordance with legislative and administrative norms or standards and with other applicable rules of law, according to simple and flexible rules devoid of formalism, with respect, prudence and promptness, in accordance with the norms and standards of ethics and discipline governing its agents and with the requirements of good faith;
(2)  that the citizen is given the opportunity to provide any information useful for the making of the decision and, where necessary, to complete his file;
(3)  that decisions are made with diligence, are communicated to the person concerned in clear and concise terms and contain the information required to enable the person to communicate with the Administration;
(4)  that the directives governing agents charged with making a decision are in keeping with the principles and obligations under this chapter and are available for consultation by the citizen.
1996, c. 54, s. 4.