F-1.2 - Act respecting farm financing

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55. Any representative or employee designated by a lender that is an institution referred to in paragraph 1 of section 5, by the lender designated under section 6 or by the Office may, at any reasonable time, or at any time where required by the circumstances to protect a debt resulting from a loan, a line of credit or a special loan or property securing repayment thereof or to ensure continued operation of the borrower’s business, inspect the property securing the loan, the line of credit or the special loan, enter or pass on any immovable and inspect and appraise such immovable, any livestock and any other movable property.
The representative or employee may, in addition, conduct any investigation he considers necessary for the purposes of this Act.
On request, the representative or employee shall identify himself and show a certificate, issued by the lender or, as the case may be, by the Office, attesting his quality.
1987, c. 86, s. 55.