D-11 - Territorial Division Act

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14. Such three territories are described as follows:
(1)  the territory of Abitibi is bounded to the north and west by the boundary lines of Québec, to the northeast by the territory of Mistassini, to the east by the height of land dividing the waters which flow into the St. Lawrence River basin from those which flow into the Hudson’s Bay basin, and to the south by the parallel of latitude 50°10′ from the interprovincial line between Québec and Ontario to the meridian 75°31′32″ and from such meridian to the crest of the watershed separating the river St. Lawrence basin from that of Hudson Bay, by the parallel 50°01′35″.
Such territory so bounded comprises the James Bay basin, less the part thereof comprised in the electoral districts of Abitibi-Est, Abitibi-Ouest and Témiscamingue and less also the part watered by the rivers Eastmain and Rupert.
(2)  the territory of Mistassini is bounded on the north and west by the limits of Québec; on the southwest by the territory of Abitibi, and on the southeast by the electoral districts of Dubuc and Roberval.
The territory so bounded includes the basin of the Eastmain river and that of Rupert river.
(3)  the territory of Ashuanipi is bounded on the north, east and west by the limits of Québec, on the south and southwest by the electoral districts of Duplessis and Saguenay.
R. S. 1964, c. 5, s. 15; 1965 (1st sess.), c. 10, s. 78.