CCQ-1991 - Civil Code of Québec

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535.2. (Repealed).
2022, c. 22, s. 82; 2023, c. 13, s. 13.
535.2. The court may establish the filiation of a child born of an assisted procreation activity with a person who was deceased at the time the activity was carried out if it is shown to the court that
(1)  the person was a party to the parental project at the time of the death; and
(2)  the child was conceived using that person’s reproductive material or, as applicable, the reproductive material that the person had decided to use to have a child.
Participation of that person in the parental project is presumed if that person and the parent with regard to whom filiation with the child is established were spouses at the time of the death and if the child is born of a transfer of an embryo created before the death.
2022, c. 22, s. 82.