CCQ-1991 - Civil Code of Québec

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535.1. (Repealed).
2002, c. 19, s. 5; 2023, c. 13, s. 13.
535.1. Where the court is seized of an action concerning filiation, it may, on the application of an interested person, order the analysis of a sample of a bodily substance so that the genetic profile of a person involved in the action may be established.
However, where the purpose of the action is to establish filiation, the court may not issue such an order unless a commencement of proof of filiation has been established by the person having brought the action or unless the presumptions or indications resulting from facts already clearly established by that person are sufficiently strong to warrant such an order.
The court determines conditions for the sample-taking and analysis that are as respectful as possible of the physical integrity of the person concerned or of the body of the deceased. These conditions include the nature and the date and place of the sample-taking, the identity of the expert charged with taking and analyzing the sample, the use of any sample taken and the confidentiality of the analysis results.
The court may draw a negative presumption from an unjustified refusal to submit to the analysis ordered by the court.
2002, c. 19, s. 5.