C-74 - Insurance Brokers Act

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12. (1)  The members of the Association shall hold an annual meeting at least once a year on the date and at the place fixed by the by-laws.
(2)  They shall also hold a special meeting whenever the business of the Association so requires, at the call of the manager sent in accordance with the by-laws, at the request of the president or a vice-president, upon resolution of the Board or the written requisition of at least ten members of the Board or fifty members in good standing, addressed to the manager and stating the object of such meeting.
(3)  On failure by the manager to call the special meeting within ten days of receipt of such resolution or requisition, such meeting may be called by a member of the Board if it is required by resolution of the Board and by the petitioners in all other cases.
R. S. 1964, c. 268, s. 12.