C-24.2 - Highway Safety Code

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306. Visible devices, advertising and signs that bear a reproduction of a road signal governed by the standards prescribed by the Minister under section 289 that imitate such a road signal or that may be confused with traffic lights or with such a road signal because of their shape, colour, text, size or location are prohibited on and along public highways.
Devices, advertising and signs that can obstruct a road signal and those that encroach on a public highway are also prohibited.
The Minister of Transport may, by regulation, provide for exceptions to the prohibition under the first paragraph.
1986, c. 91, s. 306; 2008, c. 14, s. 37.
306. No person may erect or display on a private property any signal, sign, indication or device that encroaches upon a public highway or that could create confusion or obstruct any sign erected on a public highway.
1986, c. 91, s. 306.