C-24.2 - Highway Safety Code

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202.4.1. On behalf of the Société, a peace officer shall immediately suspend, for 90 days, the licence of any person driving or having the care or control of a road vehicle
(1)  if, according to the evaluation conducted by an evaluating officer in accordance with paragraph a of subsection 2 of section 320.28 of the Criminal Code (R.S.C. 1985, c. C-46), the person is impaired by cannabis or any other drug or by a combination of cannabis or any other drug and alcohol; or
Not in force
(2)  if the analysis by means of drug screening equipment in accordance with section 202.3 or the Criminal Code demonstrates that cannabis or any other drug is present in the person’s body.
The suspension applies to any licence authorizing the operation of a road vehicle and to the right to obtain such a licence.
2018, c. 19, s. 45.