C-24.2 - Highway Safety Code

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10.2. Notwithstanding sections 10 and 10.1, registration of certain classes of road vehicles that are prescribed by regulation may be effected by entering in the register of the Société the information prescribed by regulation with regard to those classes of vehicles and to the persons meeting the conditions prescribed by regulation for obtaining such registration.
The Société shall issue one or more registration certificates and removable registration plates.
Every vehicle of a class contemplated in the first paragraph is deemed to be registered in accordance with section 6 when a removable registration plate is affixed to it.
Sections 188, 189 and 196 to 202 shall apply with any necessary changes, except that the Société shall cancel the registration obtained by any person under this section instead of prohibiting the putting back into operation of a road vehicle.
1990, c. 83, s. 4.