C-18.1 - Cinema Act

Full text
198. (Repealed).
1983, c. 37, s. 198; 1991, c. 21, s. 60.
Not in force
198. The holder of a licence issued under section 27 or 30 of the Licenses Act (chapter L-3) and intended to permit the operation of a moving picture theatre or a film exchange business is deemed to be the holder of an exhibitor’s licence or distributor’s licence, as the case may be, issued under this Act and valid until the date of expiration of his licence, in the case of an exhibitor’s licence, and until (insert here the date of the coming into force of sections 102 to 105 of this Act), in the case of a distributor’s licence. Thereafter, it is renewed in conformity with this Act.
1983, c. 37, s. 198.