C-12 - Charter of human rights and freedoms

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85. The victim may intervene at any stage of proceedings to which the commission is party pursuant to sections 80 to 82 and in which he has an interest. If the victim does intervene, the commission cannot bring an appeal without his consent.
Subject to the second paragraph of section 111, the victim may personally pursue the remedies provided for in sections 80 to 82 or bring an appeal, even though he was not party to the proceedings in first instance.
In all such cases, the commission shall give the victim access to the record which concerns him.
1975, c. 6, s. 85; 1989, c. 51, s. 5.
85. The commission must make a report to the Attorney General of any fact it considers susceptible of constituting an offence contemplated in section 87.
1975, c. 6, s. 85.