B-3.1 - Animal Welfare and Safety Act

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60. The person named in an order may apply to a judge of the Court of Québec to have the order quashed within 30 days from its date of notification. Such an application does not suspend the application of the order.
The judge may confirm, vary or quash the order or make any other order the judge considers necessary under the circumstances. If the order is varied or quashed, the judge may enjoin the Minister to reimburse all or any part of the animal care expenses incurred to the applicant.
The judge may also, on the Minister’s request,
(1)  prohibit the owner or custodian of the animal from owning or having the custody of a number of animals the judge determines or a type of animal the judge specifies, for the time determined by the judge; and
(2)  order that the animals belonging to the owner or in the custody of a person named in the order at the time the order is made and in excess of the number allowed or of a type other than the type authorized become the property of the State.
2015, c. 35, s. 7.