B-3.1 - Animal Welfare and Safety Act

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5. The owner or custodian of an animal must ensure that the animal’s welfare and safety are not compromised. An animal’s welfare or safety is presumed to be compromised if the animal does not receive care that is consistent with its biological needs. Such care includes but is not limited to ensuring that the animal
(1)  has access to drinking water and food of acceptable quality in sufficient quantity;
(2)  is kept in a suitable place that is sanitary and clean with sufficient space and lighting and the layout or use of whose facilities are not likely to affect the animal’s welfare or safety;
(3)  is allowed an opportunity for adequate exercise;
(4)  is provided with the necessary protection from excessive heat or cold and from bad weather;
(5)  is transported in a suitable manner in an appropriate vehicle;
(6)  is provided with the necessary care when injured, ill or suffering; and
(7)  is not subjected to abuse or mistreatment that may affect its health.
For the purposes of subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph, snow and ice are not water.
2015, c. 35, s. 7.