B-3.1 - Animal Welfare and Safety Act

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11. No person may unload an animal of the bovine, equine, porcine, ovine or caprine species or allow such an animal to be unloaded from a vehicle at an auction or at an animal assembling station if, in particular by reason of infirmity, illness, injury or fatigue, the animal is unable to stand or is suffering unduly.
Likewise, no person may accept such an animal or allow such an animal to be accepted at an establishment for the auction of animals or an animal assembling station for the same purposes.
The operator of premises referred to in the second paragraph must promptly inform the Minister that an animal referred to in the first paragraph was not accepted and provide any information that the Minister requests on the matter.
For the purposes of this section, “animal assembling station” means premises where animals are assembled for shipment, by any means of transportation, to other premises.
2015, c. 35, s. 7.