A-3.001 - Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases

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89. A worker who, by reason of a recurrence, relapse or aggravation sustains a new permanent physical or mental impairment at a time when the amount of his compensation for bodily injury has already been established is entitled to a new compensation for bodily injury determined in relation to the percentage of the new impairment.
Where the total percentage of the permanent physical or mental impairment, including the already established percentage and the percentage resulting from the recurrence, relapse or aggravation exceeds 100%, the worker is entitled to receive
(1)  compensation in an amount determined in relation to 100% less the percentage that has already been determined; and
(2)  an amount equal to 25% of the amount of compensation determined on the basis of the total percentage less 100%.
The amount of the new compensation for bodily injury provided for in the first or second paragraph is computed in accordance with Schedule II in force at the time of the recurrence, relapse or aggravation and in relation to the worker’s age at that time.
1985, c. 6, s. 89.