A-3.001 - Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases

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24.6. The Commission may enter into an administrative agreement with the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake to facilitate the application of an agreement under section 24.1.
2011, c. 12, s. 1; 2014, c. 18, s. 1.
24.6. Sections 24.3 to 24.5 do not apply to
(1)  persons covered by an interprovincial or international agreement entered into by the Commission or the Government;
(2)  persons covered by an agreement under any of sections 15 to 17, unless a similar agreement is entered into by the entity entrusted with the administration of the special plan; or
(3)  any other person the Government may determine by regulation.
2011, c. 12, s. 1.