A-3.001 - Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases

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170.4. The Commission may order an employer who refuses to comply with the obligations provided for in sections 170.1 and 170.2 or to reinstate a worker despite a decision establishing the worker’s capacity to hold his employment, an equivalent employment or a suitable employment to pay to the Commission, within the time it specifies, a monetary administrative penalty equivalent to the cost of the benefits to which the worker could have been entitled during the period in which the employer failed to comply with those obligations or reinstate the worker, where applicable, but of which the amount may not be greater than the annual amount of the income replacement indemnity to which the worker is entitled.
Before issuing an order under the first paragraph, the Commission shall notify the employer in writing of its intention and of the employer’s alleged failure. It shall grant the employer at least 10 days to remedy the failure, present observations or, where required, produce documents.
Sections 322 to 325 apply, with the necessary modifications, to an employer who is in default of payment of a monetary administrative penalty imposed under the first paragraph.
2021, c. 27, s. 40.