A-3.001 - Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases

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144.1. The Commission shall deduct from the income replacement indemnity to which the worker is entitled under this Act the amount received in accordance with an order under paragraph 2 of section 123.15 of the Act respecting labour standards (chapter N‐1.1) for the same period as that covered by the income replacement indemnity. The Commission shall remit the amount thus deducted to the employer who paid it.
The Commission shall also reimburse to the employer the amount paid by the employer in accordance with an order under paragraph 6 of section 123.15 of that Act, up to the expenses to which the employee is entitled under this Act.
This section also applies where an order disposing of the same matters as the matter referred to in the first or second paragraph has been made pursuant to a collective agreement.
2002, c. 80, s. 76.