A-29.01 - Act respecting prescription drug insurance

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42.2. No individual insurance contract that includes coverage for accident, illness or disability and has one or more of the distinctive characteristics of group insurance may be offered to, made available to or maintained for a group of persons to whom section 16 applies, or facilitated for such persons by any means whatsoever, unless it includes coverage at least equivalent to the basic plan coverage.
A uniform annual premium, coverage offered regardless of the risk associated with state of health, rates or financial arrangements based on the history of the group, a contract negotiated between an insurer and an intermediary on behalf of the group and any other condition or circumstance specified by regulation are considered to be distinctive characteristics of group insurance.
A contract that must include coverage at least equivalent to the basic plan coverage under this section is governed by the provisions of this Act that are applicable to a group insurance contract. The insurer or the policy-holder and the persons who are part of the group to whom the contract is offered or made available or for whom it is maintained must fulfill all their respective obligations under this Act.
2005, c. 40, s. 13.