A-2.1 - Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information

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145. Where it considers it necessary in the public interest, the Government may, by order, require a public body to postpone, for such period as it indicates, the execution of a decision of the Commission ordering the release of a document or information.
During that period, no request for access to the document or information contemplated in the order may be received.
No proceedings in appeal from the decision of the Commission may be brought or continued during that period.
Furthermore, the time limit for appeal from the decision of the Commission is interrupted during the postponement, counting from the making of the order.
The order is tabled in the National Assembly within fifteen days following the making of the order if the Assembly is in session or, if it is not sitting, within fifteen days of the opening of the next session or of resumption.
1982, c. 30, s. 145; 1982, c. 62, s. 143.