A-2.1 - Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information

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142.1. A decision containing an error in writing or in calculation or any other clerical error may be corrected by the Commission or the member who made the decision; the same applies to a decision which, through obvious inadvertence, grants more than was requested or fails to rule on part of the application.
A correction may be made on the Commission’s or the concerned member’s own initiative as long as execution of the decision has not commenced. A correction may be effected at any time on the motion of one of the parties, unless an appeal has been lodged.
The motion is addressed to the Commission and submitted to the member who made the decision. If the latter is no longer in office, is absent or is unable to act, the motion is submitted to the Commission.
If the correction affects the conclusions, the time limit for appealing or executing the decision runs from the date of the correction.
2006, c. 22, s. 96.