A-19.1 - Act respecting land use planning and development

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56.8. The responsible body must, in accordance with the applicable section from among sections 56.12.5 to 56.12.8, hold at least one public meeting on the second draft.
1993, c. 3, s. 32; 2010, c. 10, s. 20.
56.8. The regional county municipality shall hold a public meeting in every municipality whose representative on the council so requests during the sitting at which the second draft is adopted.
It shall also hold a public meeting in any other municipality within its territory whose council so requests within 20 days after a copy of the draft is transmitted. The clerk or the secretary-treasurer of the municipality shall transmit to the regional county municipality, within the same time, a certified copy of the resolution stating the request.
For the purposes of the first two paragraphs, where the sittings of the council of a municipality are held in the territory of another municipality, that territory is deemed to be the territory of the former municipality and, if applicable, to be within the territory of the regional county municipality.
In every case, to comply with the fifth paragraph, the regional county municipality must hold at least one meeting in its territory.
The population of the municipality in whose territory the meeting is held or, as the case may be, the total population of the municipalities in whose territories the meetings are held, must make up at least two thirds of the population of the regional county municipality.
1993, c. 3, s. 32.